Our Support Group began as a consequence of Ian Fraser’s constant drive to ensure the F-111 Deseal/ Reseal participants received not just an on-base inquiry but a full Military Board of Inquiry. During the Board of Inquiry, several members got together to form the first F-111 Deseal/Reseal Support Group Committee in Brisbane.

The group was Incorporated in 2002. At the same time a group of Sunshine Coast affected members started their own Support Group, which later merged with the Brisbane group.

Liz Agerbeek spearheaded the push for Spouses issues and together with Carolyn Olsen, began the Spouses Support Group as an offshoot of the Member’s Support Group. In 2004 the Spouses Support Group merged with the F-111 Deseal/Reseal Support Group as one entity.

Ian Fraser has been the President of the Support Group from it’s inception. He has taken it from its humble beginnings with 20 members to over 320 members today.

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Latest Document added 5 August 2008 - Parliamentary Enquiry Hansard of 21 July, 28 July and 29 July, Audio of an interview with an ex-desealers wife on ABC - listen here

13 November 2006 - Senate Estimates Committee Hansard , November Newsletter

9 August 2006 - April 06 meeting minutes , August 06 meeting minutes , Sea of Orange forum Summary and Meeting with Senator Bishop.

21st March 2006 - Quest forum minutes_March 06

5th November 2005 - last General Meeting minutes, November 2005 newsletter, Letter from Solicitor re: Statute of Limitations and Support Group handout.


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Click on the links below to review the whole process. If you click on the links in order you will get an idea of how the whole program was arranged and also the various studies and the governments responses to the issue.

1. Background , 2. RAAF Deseal Reseal , 3. Discovery of the Danger

4. The RAAF Board of Enquiry , 5. The Health Study , 6. Governments Response

7. Issues we have with Government


NEW!! A study into the effects of SR-51 on Mitochondria has recently been released - read it here.

For a sobering view of the ongoing effects of Deseal Reseal on a few members please read this article - Note: Rob Solomons is mentioned in this article. Rob sadly passed away last year due to the effects of DSRS.